RHT IN Whistleblowing Management
Protect Your Assets

Our WB framework protects the company, its employees and related parties, and at the same time promotes responsible and secure whistleblowing without fear of reprisals, adverse consequences or breach of confidentiality or anonymity of the reporting party or parties.

All whistleblowers’ identity is protected and they may remain anonymous if they prefer.

Employees and related outside parties such as contractors, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders of companies that use our service may use the process set out here to report any concerns or complaints regarding the following:

•  Fraud
•  Corruption and bribery
•  Theft or Misappropriation
•  Discrimination or based on gender, race, disabilities
•  Harassment
•  Employee or staff misconduct
•  Unsafe work practices
•  Leaking of confidential information to competitors
•  Collusion with competitors
•  Suggestions for improvement of work environment

S$50/month Basic Package

Under Basic Package, companies will be provided with a dedicated email address. This acts as a feedback channel to which employees and related outside parties may submit any feedback, concerns or complaints. RHT IN will study this feedback and provide a monthly report to the management, filtering the serious input (feedback) from the frivolous. We will also do a preliminary review of genuine complaints. In the case of urgent and very serious complaints, we will highlight them immediately – within 24 hours of receiving them – to the respective companies that have engaged us. The contract will be on a monthly basis and can be terminated anytime by giving one month’s notice.

Call +65 6381 6301 to subscribe

S$180/month Advanced Package

We recommend this package for companies with more complex structures and companies with overseas subsidiaries. It consists of a new dedicated website developed for the subscriber, as well as a choice regarding the management of the website.

Companies may make a choice regarding the management of the portal. They can either let RHT IN manage all complaints and feedback received through the website, review them, and put out a monthly report – just as in the Basic Package. Alternatively, the management of the subscribing company can manage the portal themselves (with RHT IN providing support as needed), so that all complaints or feedback is kept in-house.

This package will cost S$180/month to set up the website and manage it for a year. Should companies choose to manage the website themselves, the fee will be reduced to S$150/month. The minimum subscription period for the Advanced Package is a year.

Call +65 6381 6301 to subscribe